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Reliable precision machining services

At A1Anco Engineering, we are dedicated to offering the most accurate cutting, machining and manufacturing services. Our high-quality machinery allows us to remove material from your work piece in the most precise, accurate manner possible, ensuring that it perfectly fits its purpose. With an excellent range of material machining services available, including brass, stainless steel and aluminium, we have you covered at A1Anco Engineering.


We are committed to providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced services to our customers and clients throughout Australia. To help us achieve this goal, we have an excellent range of machinery available for all your cutting and manufacturing needs.

• CNC machining centres with work area up to 1000mm x 500mm.

• CNC lathes able to turn up to 400mm diameter and 1000m long with live tooling.

• CNC lathes with bar feeder able to feed up to 45 diameter x 3600mm long.

• CNC centre lathes – 750mm diameter, 500 swing, 400 over bed x 2000 long.

• Robodrill CNC drilling and tapping machine.

• Milling machine with work area up to 1500mm x 600mm.

• Drilling machines, turret, radial arm, twin and quad spindle and tapping    machines.

• Turret lathes up to 60mm bar feed.

• Multi spindle automatic lathes with up to 45mm diameter bar capacity, with flat    generating, broaching and cross hole drilling capabilities.

• Single spindle automatic lathes with up to 50.8mm diameter bar capacity.

• Pipe threading machine up to 100mm NB.

We also provide expert cutting machinery, including:

• Auto saws able to cut up to 400 diameter ± 2mm
• Pack or nest cutting up to 360 diameter ± 0.5mm

For more information about our high quality precision machining services, call our friendly team today on 08 8447 4144 .

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